7th macroalgae stakeholders’ meeting

macroalgae Furcellaria_lumbricalis

University of Tartu conduced the second stakeholder meeting in Estonia within the macroalgae project GRASS. This time the meeting was implemented in a virtual format.

The main target were the public authorities in Estonia, the representatives of the Ministry of the Environment and Ministry of the Finance were participating in the meeting. The University of Tartu presented the GRASS project interim results, based on the following output reports:

- A pan-Baltic map depicting potential of macroalgal cultivation and harvesting,
- A manual on the socioeconomic benefits, risks and opportunities of macroalgae production and use in the BSR, and
- Maps illustrating best available sites for macroalgae cultivation and harvesting in the Baltic Sea based on a MSP approach.

The stakeholders provided their feedback to the recent results, as adding of a date to the map layers in the output illustrating best available sites for macroalgae cultivation and harvesting.

This has been the 7th stakeholder meeting for the Baltic Sea Region stakeholders within the project GRASS. Until the project end (August 2021) eleven more meetings are planned.

Status: 08.12.2020
Picture copyright: University of Tartu.









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