Baltic Nylon


Baltic Nylon is a multinational startup based in Germany, established in October 2020 to create biopolymers form fish waste to address the range of environmental problems caused by synthetic nylon. They are a team of 5 members with experience in bioeconomy, economics, sociology and agribusiness. 

Their mission is to provide a sustainable alternative to fossil-fuel based nylon for the fishing, automotive and textile industries with a product that is locally sourced, made of waste raw materials and biodegradable.

Their technology extracts collagen from fish skin and scales, processed into gelatin through denaturation (heating), which is then broken down further into collagen peptides through enzymatic hydrolysis. These collagen peptides are then repolymerised into 100% bio-based bio-nylon, all at a lower cost than fossil-based nylon.
  • Baltic Nylon

    Diego Crisostomo & Ariana Alva Ferrari

    phone: +4917898095599 / +491782822384
    email: diegocrisostomob[at] / aalvaferrari[at]


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