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Jamileh Javidpour

Marine biologist

Motivation to join Alliance as a mentor for Blue Growth

A sustainable blue growth economy will not be achieved without a permanent dialogue between industry and science! As a marine biologist, it is of great interest to support innovation in smart, sustainable, and inclusive growth.

Jamileh is interested in the marine food web where jellyfish (cnidarians and ctenophores) take over the top predator position or build a bloom. In the past, her research questions were revolving around the ecological role of jellies on marine ecosystems including invasion ecology, developmental biology and deep-sea ecology. Besides and more recently the interest has shifted towards the understanding of the potential to use jellyfish biomass in more applied science.

Career Highlights
Coordinating Horizon 2020 project “GoJelly” (total budget 6 million €), recommended patent (Flow2Vortex), winning of the Innovation price at GEOMAR, over 3000 magazines, newspapers, radios and TV interviews, teaching activities and coordinating middle-sized research ships (Alkor and Poseidon), guest editor for special topic “From pollution to solution, innovations in and from the Sea” in Frontiers in Marine Science as well as subject editor for the Journal of Marine Biology Research, CEO of the start-up “GoJelly”.


Market active/interested

Cosmetics, food, feed incl. nutraceuticals, aqaculture, pharma.

Expertise in biological resources

Aquatic animals, water.

Organization information

Name of organization: University of Southern Denmark.
Organization type: research.
Size: 3,800 employees.
Department: Department of Biology.

Main Focus areas:
Scientific research.

Service offer

Research infrastructure/equipment, communication and lobbying


SUBMARINER Network for Blue Growth EEIG

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DE–10827 Berlin



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