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Guldborgsund Municipality (GBS)

Guldborgsund Municipality (GBS) is dedicated to supporting the transition to a green circular bio economy as a growth driver. GBS has implemented a cross-sectoral taskforce for developing both blue and green biomass based bio-economy and since 2017 has had strengthened focus on bio-economy as a business driver with the establishment of “Bio-Economy Hotspot Guldborgsund”.
Bio-Economy Hotspot participates in projects and programs that capture new knowledge, ready to implement into green cascade production and business symbioses. Biomass from land and sea provide food, chemicals, pharmaceuticals, materials, cleaning agents and green energy. In cascade production, high value compounds are extracted from e.g. agricultural residuals and residue from one business therefore becomes a resource for another. Finally, biogas production can add to the list of bio-value chain products, and the nutrients from digested biomass are returned to the soil for new plant production, thus completing the circular bio-economy process.
GBS would like to see bio-based production in rural areas providing everyday necessities, empowering our citizens with a modern life style to make sustainable choices – from food to household cleaning agents and personal care products – all non-fossil and with low CO2 footprint.

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