Become a mentor or expert in the Alliance

- the mentoring and accelerator programme of the SUBMARINER Network for Blue Growth

The Alliance mentoring and accelerator programme, one of SUBMARINER Network’s key service, offers support and guidance to young blue tech companies and actors. 

The Baltic Sea Region's leading marine biotechnology institutes offer their labs, brains, resources, expertise and facilities to further advance the next generation of blue biotechnology innovations in the Baltic. 

Start-ups and SMEs, academic institutions, students and others come to the Alliance for guidance with the development of new products or services. 

This mentoring programme is free of charge for them, and we are always on the lookout for new mentors and service providers. 

What is like to be a mentor?

  • Provide mentoring and technical services to enrolled Alliance cases, based on own interest, availability and capacities.  
  • Work closely with the enrolled cases on a one-to-one basis and help them to benefit from the full network’s expertise. Assistance can be in all kinds of areas, from scientific and technical development to contractual and financial expertise, to marketing. Mentors help to build cases value chains and find the right partners. 
  • Represent cases in the Alliance Mentors forum, a key mentor support network of experts in blue bioeconomy and product development. Mentors’ forum meets regularly online to discuss the cases progress, and drive developments to meet case needs and interests.Thus, the Alliance is also an experts’ network hub 
  • Act as "blue detectives"and scout for new potential cases that would benefit from the Alliance accelerator services, and for new skilled and outgoing mentors, experts in blue bioeconomy fields and in product development. 

Our experts’ network consists of 50+ Alliance mentors and service providers

We are actively looking for:

/ Mentors and business coaches with experience and flare in bioeconomy and blue growth, impact of innovation, and sustainable development

/ Business parks, accelerators and innovation programmes – with whom we can link our efforts as to create the most effective and attractive offer

/ Specialists in business development and financing support; marketing and communication companies and experts as well as legal advisors – with the Alliance being the source for your new clients

/ Companies & R&D institutions with suitable technical facilities, bioresources and expertise as well as potential spin-offs

FAQs for new mentors & service providers:

How the mentoring programme works?" xmlns="">

The new mentor is asked to attend the Alliance pitching and match-making event. The next event is on 4. June (web-based) and on 21. October in Talinn Estonia. Travel costs can be covered by the Alliance based on availability. During the event, new cases and mentors have the opportunity to meet and build matches based on common interests and competencies, and new mentors are getting acquainted with the Alliance structures, tools and processes by trained mentors. Tools include the mentors’ forum and mentors handbook. Mentors are offered with the opportunity to create an online profile. See other mentors’ profiles here.

Do I need to relocate to become a mentor in the accelerator?

No. However, you have to attend the Alliance matchmaking events (see Question 1). You also may need to organise physical meetings with your case(s). The exact form of communication will be arranged jointly by the case owner and the mentor.

Who is behind the Alliance accelerator?

The Alliance is the innovation hub and accelerator under the SUBMARINER Network. Initially co-financed by the ERDF Interreg BSR project (2016-2019), the ALLIANCE is by now increasingly financed through a mixture of funding streams raised through its own public and private members and supporters. So far, the Alliance mentoring programme involves 50 service providers and mentors, who have mentored more than 29 cases and are currently operating on a pro bono basis or are seconded by their organisations. In previous cohorts, all these cases reached the next TRL, with numerous cases having gained new investors and/or having new products on the market. More information about the success of the project can be found in the ALLIANCE brochure publication. Last cohort was recruited in January 2020.

How long does the mentoring programme last?" xmlns="">

The mentoring programme is 100% tailored to the needs of the case. The case needs are articulated in the case application form and also during the initial interviews of the case owner with the mentor (during the initial business health-check). As such the mentoring programme does not have a fixed curriculum. The case progress is largely dependent on the case’s loyalty and dedication to implement the agreed steps with the mentor. Although, frequency may vary, as an example, a case owner can meet with their mentor 1-3 times per trimester (quarter). The terms of collaboration are termed in the ALLIANCE mentoring contract.

What services are included in the ALLIANCE Accelerator?

Apart from the continuous mentoring, the service portfolio can include: 

  • scientific and technical support, 
  • access to biological resources, infrastructure and equipment, 
  • business development, 
  • legal advice, 
  • marketing and promotion. 

Moreover it includes training for ‘pitching’ and business support and access to investors. Whereas pre-acceleration services are expected to be offered in form of innovation vouchers – we will charge a percentage of the equity sold in the event, that an investors comes in. More information about the service categories can be found in the ALLIANCE brochure publication.

How does the mentoring programme end?

Ideally, the mentoring programme ends when the mentor and the case jointly decide to end the contract, e.g. when the milestones have been met. The milestones can be agreed in the initial  assessment phase and design of the implementation plan. In a less ideal scenario, failure to establish communication among parties for more than 3 months, despite efforts of parties, will lead to termination of the signed mentoring contract.

Are there any success stories in the Alliance accelerator so far?

The ALLIANCE has been successful in terms of setting up a unique transnational accelerator in the Baltics in a niche sector like blue biotechnology and adjacent blue tech sectors, all supporting blue bioeconomy markets. The ALLIANCE has succeeded in mentoring 26 cases across the region, of which 6 cases have managed to bring new products to the market or they have won awards in prestigious pitching competitions and enrolled next level accelerator programmes. Yet almost all of the cases have progressed within the product value chain with the support of the ALLIANCE Accelerator. More information about the successful cases can be found in the ALLIANCE brochure publication.

Do you consider becoming a mentor? 


Contact Efthalia Arvaniti at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Would you like to know more?

Learn about who is involved and what are the benefits of enrolling in the ALLIANCE mentoring programme & accelerator: 

See what our cases and mentors say

Baltic Blue Biotechnology Alliance gave us huge confidence boost just by choosing us into the network at first hand. This was a critical momentum 
for Berrichi - somebody believed in us, our product’s potential and our capacity to implement our plans. 
From a home-based, do-it-yourself cream-making and abstract dream into the pool of professional environment and international network - this pushed us in many ways.

Janno Joosep, 
Furcella, Case Owner & Mentor

The Baltic Blue Biotechnology Alliance was our first contact with foreign experts when we founded the startup. It helped us to start building the strong network we have today.

Valmar Kasuk
Vetik, Estonia, Case Owner

The ALLIANCE was extremely useful to support our business development including help ranging from provision of samples of algae from the Baltic Sea to advice on commercial developments. Small companies need a European network like this that amplifies their reach.

Colin Ingham

Hoekmine, Netherlands, Case Owner

Participation in the Alliance project has been an inspiration and shown how Interreg projects can be tailored to serve as “fast track” for SMEs needing analysis for i.e. proof of concept. Furthermore, in order to help local valorisation of blue economy building on knowledge and experiences around the Baltic, Guldborgsund Municipality has joined the SUBMARINER Flagship Network.

Mette Jørgensen
BIOFISK (BioEconomy Hotspot – Guldborgsund), Case Owner

As a partner of the ALLIANCE we want to provide, develop and test our unique enabling technology for the bio blue needs. Through the network we got in contact with both national and international players in the blue bio-economy sector.

Jani Isokääntä, 
SFTec, Finland, Case Owner & Mentor

Being part of the ALLIANCE has been a vital injection for us, when it comes to business development and networking as well as financial support. The ALLIANCE partners and collaborators have motivated us to believe in what we are doing.

Elisabet Brock
KosterAlg, Sweden, Case Owner

The Alliance unites actors in every field of blue biotechnology. It constitutes an unparalleled network tightly interwoven with sister networks in other regions or focusing on related topics in the BSR and thus represents a shortcut to the highly innovative blue bioeconomy sector in the region. Joining the Alliance will open doors to become part of this vibrant sector and facilitate realisation of new blue biotech ideas by finding the right partners.

Martina Blümel 

GEOMAR Helmholtz Centre for Ocean Research Kiel, Germany, mentor

Within the Alliance, we were able to connect companies, interested in the identification and production of drugs and enzymes, with partners who have built up biological resources such as strain collections.

Rainer Cramm

BioCon Valley, Germany,  mentor

Our ALLIANCE cases Furcella and Vetik have received a lot of attention thanks to their participation in the Alliance mentoring programme both in Estonia and abroad. In Estonia, it is very important to show success stories to inspire others to act and also show that blue biotechnology is just not only a niche but a real market with real business opportunities. 

Mariann Nolvak

Tartu Biotechnology Park, Estonia, mentor 

The Finnish cases (especially SFTec, EHP Environment) in the Alliance mentoring programme were able to find several experts around Baltic Sea Region to help them in their product development. It also helped them to reach new markets outside Finland.

Anne-Mari Luhtanen 
Finnish Environment Institute, Finland, mentor


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