car driven by seaweed

Car drives 80 kilometres on fuel from seaweed

A passenger car in Denmark was the first in the world to drive 80 kilometres on a blend containing biofuel from seaweed.

Wageningen Food & Biobased Research produced the biobutanol from sugars from seaweed. The successful experiment stems from the Horizon 2020 project MacroFuels.

Wageningen Food & Biobased Research worked closely on this development with MacroFuels partners, and specially with the Dutch technological institute TNO and the Danish Technological Institute (DTI). TNO produced raw material out of seaweed from which biobutanol was made in Wageningen. The biobutanol was mixed with conventional gasoline, resulting in 100 litres of  B10 fuel with biobutanol. The  results of the engine tests showed that this mix is ​​just as suitable as conventional fuels. The test car delivered comparable performance and the emission results also matched.

Copy right article/author Wageningen University & Research.

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Status 06.01.2020.


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