Baltic Blue Biotechnology Alliance publishes service offer brochure

The ALLIANCE is growing: become a part of it!

20 great ideas for new marine biobased products and services are already part of the Baltic Blue Biotechnology Alliance … could yours be next?

The “cases” supported by the Alliance mentoring programme are start-ups, SMEs, academic institutions or similar that have an idea for a new product or service from marine biobased resources. Since starting with its initial 5 cases in spring 2016, our Alliance has grown to welcome new mentees, with a current total of 20 cases. Find out more about all the Alliance has to offer in our Alliance Service Offer brochure, where you can also read about our mentoring programme.

We have a rolling call for ideas and our national contact points are happy to support applications all year round. To be considered in the next round of evaluations and join the Alliance this autumn, please submit your application by 02 October 2017. The cases invited to join our mentoring programme will have the opportunity to present their ideas to the Alliance expert panel in early November 2017 in Berlin. We hope to see you there!

Learn more about our mentoring programme an how to apply.


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