Innovative Aquaculture – Professional Training Seminar in Gdynia

On 29th March, the University of Gdańsk held a professional training seminar entitled “Innovative Aquaculture”. The aim was to present opportunities for innovative aquaculture solutions across the South Baltic Region. The seminar was the first InnoAquaTech training session offered to external stakeholders such as practitioners, representatives of private enterprises, government agencies, industry associations, universities, research and industry institutes.

The 75 participants gained knowledge about new technologies and solutions in aquaculture, and participated in matchmaking to establish partnerships for further activities.

The InnoAquaTech project partners presented their pilot studies on modern technologies in the aquaculture sector, among others, introducing a new species of crustaceans for aquaculture in recirculating aquaculture systems (RAS), utilising geothermal energy for crustacean farming, and developing aquaponics systems with microalgae.

External experts from Poland and Germany shared their experience in RAS systems in modern facilities. Participants learned about the potential for mussel and shrimp farming, market trends and potential for crustaceans in Poland as well as the possibility of receiving funding from the EU South Baltic Programme.

Moreover, questionnaires prepared by UG clearly shows a very high interest in future aquaculture training events as well as modern technologies and new solutions in aquaculture.

This event was co-organised by the Polish Trout Breeders Association. Further such events are already in the planning stage. If you’re interested in participating, keep an eye out on the Submariner Network and InnoAquaTech website.

To view the presentations from the training seminar, click on the links below:

For more information about training seminars, feel free to contact our partners at the University of Gdańsk:

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