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The European Commission organised a unique Europe-wide match-making event to boost blue growth. Hundreds of people gathered on 7 May 2018 for the #BlueInvest pitching event. Twenty exciting companies were pre-selected from more than 100 applications and invited to pitch in front of a panel of top investors.

Parallel to the pitching, multiple 1-to-1 bilateral meetings had been arranged throughout the day among participants seeking investment and project development opportunities.

A delegation from SUBMARINER Network participated as part of the “dream team” delegation from the Baltic Blue Biotechnology ALLIANCE and the InnoAquaTech projects: Efthalia Arvaniti (SUBMARINER Network), Hilary Karlson (DTI), Rainer Cramm (BCV), Valentin Eckart (BCV) and Tobias Tuttlies (nidus-the brand incubator GmbH).

#BlueInvest 2018 was considered a success! The event was fully booked, the pitchers were very competitive, the atmosphere was warm and vibrant and many participants stayed late at the evening reception, making the most of the opportunity. Reference to this unique event as a “first edition” raised hopes that there are plans for more.

The #BlueInvest 2018 award was given to the companies Marlinks and Fuvex. The former innovates under and the second one above the sea!

Congratulations to the European Commission for hosting such a unique event. We’re looking forward to next year!


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