Seaweed for Europe Coalition launched

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A new industry-driven coalition has emerged during the course of 2020 Pandemic against all odds, with the ambition to drive a systemic innovation in seaweed for Europe.

The aim of the new industry-driven coalition is to advance and scale a sustainable and innovative seaweed industry in Europe and thereby unlock its full potential of seaweed production and use in food and added-value products and services.

Seaweeds are a promising versatile family of plants that can be a great source of food, materials, and other added value products. Seaweed does not need fresh water, added fertiliser or land to grow, and also to grow it absorbs carbon dioxide and soluble nutrients from the water that can have a positive impact to the environment.

SUBMARINER Network joined the Seaweed for Europe Coalition this Autumn, to contribute to raising awareness of benefits and potential of algae. We aim to link the Baltic seaweed industry and R&D closely to the latest pan-European developments, and also transfer solutions, good practices and success stories across regions.

Seaweed for Europe Coalition by now amounts to more than 30 diverse members, spanning 10+ European countries, including actors from across the seaweed value chain, investors and thought leaders. Secretariat of the non-profit coalition is SystemiQ.

In a first step, the Coalition works towards quantifying the underlying business case for the industry by:

  • Defining the potential for market growth
  • Identifying intervention points along the value chain, and
  • Determining corresponding investment needs.

Work is divided in 6 workstreams each serving on key set of priorities, meeting agenda, and participant list, and new members are very welcome.

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