Check out what our programme director Efthalia Arvaniti told TAZ on "Future Food from the Baltic"

Here is a short abstract from the TAZ article by Maurice Frank "Future of Food aus der Ostsee" (originally written in German) translated into English:

"Efthalia Arvaniti is Program Director of the Submariner Network, a Berlin-based NGO that promotes the “sustainable innovative use of marine resources in the Baltic Sea”. She enthusiastically explains that “seaweed has great potential for the bioeconomy in the Baltic Sea region. We are still in the early stages. We are seeing the first pilot farms growing species relevant to the Baltic Sea, such as ulva (sea lettuce) and fucus (a brown seaweed).”

How will the seaweed be used? In cosmetics, of course. There is an algae hype in the industry. "Food" is also promising, but that "is a complicated story" because taste is crucial. "We see that consumers are interested in seaweed but don't know how to prepare it."

Please refer to the TAZ website for the original article in German:!5887258/



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