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Before the summer break, we want to inspire you with this newsletter showcasing the many opportunities in the Blue Bio Economy of the Baltic Sea Region over the coming months and years. As shown in our report on the ‘State of Play of the Blue Bioeconomy in the Baltic’ (Dec 2020), the use of algae, beach cast and mussels is no longer just theory, but has by now reached the ‘proof of concept’ stage despite the the Baltic Seas’ low salinity environment. This is also reflected by the enormous increase of companies active in this field. For that reason, we – the SUBMARINERs – call for all sustainable Baltic Blue Bio companies to represent themselves in the first-ever company and product catalogue, which is currently prepared by us.

It's now more important than ever that the growing Blue Bioeconomy community continues to gather and build on the increasing wealth of knowledge and experience, as well as acting and speaking with the one voice to enable policy makers to unlock the sector's full potential whilst contributing to Europe's Green Deal. Our new SUBMARINER Roadmap - discussed with hundreds of stakeholders in our series of 10 Better off Blue workshops - highlights the various recommended action streams.

While this newsletter shows snapshots, do not hesitate to dive much deeper into the blue bioeconomy by reading our reports or visiting our daily updated website: www.submariner-network.eu.

Or even better: simply give us a call or send us an e-mail ! Our secretariat remains open over the entire summer.

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