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Kick-off meeting 12. January 2022 | 09.30 CET | online

The SUBMARINER Macroalgae Working Group won its first follow-up project after GRASS project (Interreg BSR) comes to an end by end of this year.
The new project, called BalticSeaSafe, is 15 months project funded by Seaweed Safety Coalition.
The new project is starting from January 2022 and it has a planned kick-off meeting on 12 January 2022 at 09.30 CET online.
BalticSeaSafe project aims for creating a well justified guidance with recommendations and position papers on environmental monitoring
and license conditions for cultivation of seaweed in the Baltic Sea with regard to environmental safety. The work is building on the results of GRASS project and its recommendation for future actions.

Upon this, we invite all relevant Baltic stakeholders to participate in creation of the recommendations and position papers. During the kick-off meeting on 12 January, a plan will be unravelled on how stakeholders can be involved in the project, that is part of the SUBMARINER Macroalgae WG. Core partners of BalticSeaSafe are, apart from SUBMARINER Network, also the Latvian Institute of Aquatic Ecology and the Finish Institute of Environment.

“We are extremely excited and humbled to join the Coalition, a global hub of seaweed knowledge, that can help us scale sustainable seaweed
production in the Baltic Sea”, said Efthalia Arvaniti from SUBMARINER Network.

“The Baltic Sea is a challenging area for establishing macroalgae production due to harsh environmental features
and still lacking supportive regulations. The project will definitely help towards development of this blue bioeconomy sector”, added Anda Ikauniece from the Latvian Institute of Aquatic Ecology. 

Core partners BalticSeaSafe: SUBMARINER NetworkLatvian Institute of Aquatic Ecology | Finish Institute of Environment.


About Seaweed Safety Coalition

The Seaweed Safety Coalition is a global partnership established in March 2021 to support the safety and sustainability of the seaweed industry as it grows, along the entire seaweed value chain. 
The Coalition in this first round of funding selected fifteen projects for funding, with a total value of about €700,000.
The proposals awarded funding address the Coalition’s three safety focus areas: consumer, environmental, and operational.
All projects will contribute to the improvement of safety in the global seaweed sector as the industry scales up and seaweed’s full potential is unlocked.
The results of each project funded by the Coalition will be made publicly available to maximize global impact of the work, while partnering with seaweed industry stakeholders.  

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