Findings from the Alliance mentoring and accelerator programme – full report


The Alliance findings are the newest publication of the SUBMARINER Network, developed jointly with the Baltic Blue Biotechnology Alliance project[1].

Under the umbrella of the SUBMARINER network, the Baltic Blue Biotech Alliance project enabled the creation of a transnational accelerator programme tailored to blue biotechnology. Bringing together a large diversity of experts, more than 25 selected SMEs and start-ups received support in form of scientific or technical advice; access to research infrastructures, equipment or bioresources; business development; legal issues as well as outreach and promotion.

As a result, all of them advanced at least one step in the value chain, while a large proportion even succeeded in bringing their products to the market or gaining investors. This on its own shows that the blue biotechnology as a key enabling technology can really live up to its promises as soon as it is provided with the right set of innovation supporting structures. 

With this Alliance Findings report we present in detail our lessons learnt from working with these SMEs and Start-ups as well as the results from our parallel ongoing survey of available capacities within the blue biotech institutions throughout the Baltic region. 

Based on this, we provide concrete guidance and recommendations for future actions, which need to be taken by to further accelerate commercial product development in this field. This should help R&D, support institutions and regions alike to strategically position themselves within the overall Baltic Sea region cooperation structure to achieve maximum complementarity and synergies. 

Apart from specific actions, the report underlines the need for such an accelerator programme to be operational on a permanent basis offering support outside clearly defined projects. As shown such a transnational service does not only accelerate the commercialisation of innovative ideas, but also leads to enormous efficiency gains needed within this research and resource intensive segment.  

Even though the report takes its roots within the successful transnational collaboration among blue bio-economy actors within the Baltic Sea Regions; its conclusions and resulting recommendations can be transferred easily to other geographic regions. 

We therefore hope that these findings will inspire the agendas of the future research and funding programmes, not only throughout ‘our’ Baltic Sea Region, but also across Europe – if not globally. 

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[1]The Baltic Blue Biotechnology Alliance was an Interreg BSR project (2016-2019) led byGEOMAR Helmholtz Centre for Ocean Research Kiel –


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