Seaweed for plants: use press technology for biorefinery

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In March 2020, the partners of the European Bio4Safe project pressed more than 600 kg of seaweed to gain functional ingredients for biostimulants. Ocean Rainforest supplied the seaweed and Rhinetech the pressing power. In theory: the press separates dry matter from functional fluids.

Biostimulant producers like Algaia can use these fluids to further process them into biostimulants. As next, Rhinetech and Ocean Rainforest turned theory into practice after which Algaia will take over the baton. This teaming up between Seaweed Platform members shows the power of the community: getting from cultivation to finished product. The press pilot is part of the European Bio4Safe project. This project aims to reduce the use of water and fertilizer in European horticulture.

Source: Noordzeeboerderij.

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Status 16.04.2020.


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