Consultation Seminar of Blue Growth Stakeholders in Pomorskie

Within the framework of the project Smart Blue Regions, Maritime Institute in Gdańsk together with Pomorskie in the EU Association (both project partners) organised a Consultation Seminar of Pomorskian Blue Growth Stakeholders on 18th July 2017.

The invitation to the meeting was sent to members of the partnership of the Pomorskie maritime smart specialisation and members of the Association of Polish Maritime Industries Forum Okrętowe. The seminar was attended by people representing the following sectors: biotechnology, seaports, shipbuilding and marine clusters.

The purpose of the meeting was for the stakeholders to verify the database (prepared within the project) of entities operating in the maritime industry in the partner regions of the project. The database of entities was depicted in the form of maps, representing 3 sectors of particular interest for the Smart Blue Regions project:

  • Machinery & Technology
  • Life Science & Blue Medicine
  • Energy

The second objective of the seminar was to identify potential topics and areas in which participants would like to establish international co-operation, especially within the Baltic Sea Region. Stakeholders interested in establishing such cooperation will be invited by the Smart Blue Regions project to participate in the Better Off Blue conference organized by the Submariner Network on 27-28 September 2017 in Berlin. A workshop aiming at presenting and discussing concrete Blue Growth cooperation areas between “blue” regions around the Baltic Sea is being organised by the Smart Blue Regions project during the conference.


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