Business involvement in EUSBSR needed to make a lasting difference

On 8th November 2017, in the Maritime Culture Centre in Gdańsk, Poland, an international seminar entitled “How Can Maritime Business Benefit from the EU Strategy for the Baltic Sea Region?” was held. It was organized as part of “Let’s Communicate!” and “Smart Blue Regions” projects by “Pomorskie in the EU” Association, PA Ship and PA Safe of the EU Strategy for the Baltic Sea Region (EUSBSR).

During the seminar, experts and companies from the maritime industry met to discuss current and potential maritime projects (covering the fields of shipping industry cooperation, logistics, port industry, shipping and occupational safety, biotechnological innovations, etc.)

During the seminar, Magda Leszczyna-Rzucidło from “Pomorskie in the EU” Association (partner of the Smart Blue Regions project) encouraged international cooperation focused on smart specializations and blue growth, and explained the cooperation opportunities collected in the Smart Blue Regions project. Thematic workshops related to the three Smart Blue Regions topics: Machinery & Technology, Energy and Life Science will be held in spring 2018 gathering business stakeholders from 6 BSR countries gathered in the project.

In the discussion, Jerzy Czuczman from Association of Polish Maritime Industries FORUM OKRĘTOWE presented the LeaderSHIP 2020 Strategy and its implementation in Poland. Jacob Brinch Nielsen from Rocket Brothers, stated: "Being involved in an EUSBSR Flagship means influence!", as he is involved in the EfficienSEA project himself. Bogdan Ołdakowski (Baltic Ports Organization) presented the ports perspective on clean shipping projects, such as: LNG in the Baltic Sea Ports project I & II, HEKLA: Helsingborg & Klaipeda LNG Infrastructure Facility Deployment, Green InfraPort, and GoLNG. He noted that ports have a crucial role in making the Baltic Sea Region a model region for clean shipping.

PA Ship and Safe Coordinators, Ditte Folke Kikkert Henriksen and Jouni Lappalainen, explained why it is so important to attract business partners. First of all, it is crucial to involve “end users” to ensure that results are usable; secondly, business tends to be critical and not go into projects that do not seem to produce valuable results; last but not least, it is important to address the challenges for businesses to be involved in projects.

Practical information on EU programmes and funds (Interreg Baltic Sea Region, Interreg South Baltic, Horizon 2020, and Bonus) was also there. The participants could discuss this, as well as potential future projects, during a mingling session in the afternoon.

As concluded by Krystyna Wróblewska, the Plenipotentiary of the Board of “Pomorskie in the EU” Association, "EUSBSR is a framework also for the business sector to build networks and cooperate!"

Read more and download the seminar presentations on the official EUSBSR website HERE



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