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Acceleration of marine biobased products and services


Building a thriving blue biotechnology ecosystem in the Baltic Sea Region by connecting stakeholders, fostering innovation, and securing ongoing support

Alliance+ is a Baltic Sea Region-wide blue biotechnology network that matches organizations & individuals, e.g. SMEs, scientific institutions, public authorities, regions, investors, from the commercial and academic field. It should develop into a blue biotechnology accelerator, that emerged from the main stage project Alliance. In the current status Alliance+ (funded as extension stage project) it is functioning as a pre-accelerator.

The Alliance+ extension project aims to open the Alliance network to blue biotechnology actors beyond the reach of the limited partnership of the Alliance main stage project. The Alliance+ will therefore stabilize and secure the resources required for providing an ongoing ALLIANCE network and service offer and thus enable continuous development of future blue biotechnology products. Moreover, the Alliance+ aims to recruit and train new experts to act as blue detectives, mentors and advisors within and in conjunction with the partners of the current Marine Biotechnology Community (

In addition, the Alliance+ aims to identify and reach out to strategic investors (incl. EU, national, regional public authorities and their funding programmes; blue biotech companies, private foundations) to provide for the ongoing funding.

2019 – 2021


Alliance was a consortium of 19 project partners, including SUBMARINER Network and our members.


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