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A healthy and productive ocean, where both humans and natural world can thrive

Solutions rooted in the sustainable blue economy

Our vision is that of a healthy ocean and a productive sustainable blue economy, where both humans and the natural world can thrive. The SUBMARINER Network’s blue economy solutions provide the tools to help realise this vision. Our work is rooted in partnership and joint action. We engage with actors across the Baltic Sea Region and beyond to promote innovative approaches for the sustainable use of marine resources.

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We pursue objectives for our natural and human environment

Mitigate climate change

We support the formation of circular economies and stimulating local and regional production, including renewable energy as well as feed, food, and materials.

Increase biodiversity

We work to restore ecosystems by promoting the concepts of multi-use and ‘building with nature’ to meet environmental needs.

Protect the environment

We support the creation of marine protection areas by promoting marine spatial planning to manage the use of our seas in an efficient and sustainable way.

Reduce pollution

We implement measures for nutrient uptake to reduce eutrophication and promote sustainable fisheries and aquaculture.

Foster sustainable development

We encourage economic activity in coastal regions, which generates income for societal groups that have lost jobs in traditional marine sectors.

Only through joint action, can our vision be realised

At the SUBMARINER Network we believe that partnerships make us stronger and bring us closer to realizing our goals. Our mission is rooted in global and European frameworks. We are the flagship initiative for the EU Strategy for the Baltic Sea Region and are supporting actions in the Baltic and North Sea Lighthouse area as a part of the EU Mission: Restore our Oceans and Water. We are doing our part, in a global effort, to achieve the UN Sustainable Development Goals, the European Union’s Mission Ocean, and the European Green Deal.

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