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Supporting the implementation of the European Green Deal and EU Mission: Restore our Oceans and Water 

Effective policy to streamline the sustainable blue economy

The political and economic complexity of the Baltic Sea Regions makes it difficult to create policy and governance models conducive to promoting a sustainable blue economy and marine protection. Further, maritime governance is complex, spanning boundaries, competencies and mandates of single institutions. Despite these challenges, the livelihood and well-being of coastal communities require coherent cross-sectoral policy and governance frameworks. 

By supporting EU Mission Ocean in the Baltic and North Sea, SUBMARINER is facilitating cross-sectoral dialogue and improving governance structures to tackle pressing challenges such as climate change, biodiversity loss, pollution and ecosystem depletion. Through its engagement in several projects, SUBMARINER provides evidence-based policy advice to promote blue growth, foster innovation and reduce fragmentation.    

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Aligning policies at all levels of governance

The sustainable blue economy is a crucial driver to tackle the challenges of our time, including climate change, marine pollution, biodiversity loss and regional revitalisation. The blue economy includes many heterogeneous sectors, from shipping to tourism, from blue biotechnology to renewable energy, and includes many different actors, including local, national and regional authorities, companies, key infrastructure providers (e.g., ports), research institutes and regional innovation clusters.  

SUBMARINER is a key player in connecting different actors along strategic regional sustainable development objectives, aligning policies from the EU to the local level and paving the way for innovators to find a welcoming ecosystem to support their ideas. Through its members and wide-reaching network, SUBMARINER is uniquely positioned to foster innovation, support and represent the interests of innovative solution providers. 

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Mapping EU policies and Green Deal objectives: observations for policy coherence in the marine domain
Mapping EU policies and Green Deal objectives: observations for policy coherence in the marine domain
A total of 36 policies were selected and mapped against five EGD strategies,...
Blue Mission BANOS Roadmap 2030
Roadmap 2030
Eight goals to transform the blue bioeconomy in the region
Screenshot 2023-12-06 at 16.00
Mapping of Projects Contributing to Mission Ocean in the Baltic and North Sea
Focusing on the Western Baltic for the 1st Mission Arena

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