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Supporting the upskilling of the labour force to create new career opportunities and foster the growth of the blue economy in Europe

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At SUBMARINER, we understand the critical role that education and capacity building play in achieving a sustainable future for our marine resources. Through our projects and initiatives, we strive to address the challenges faced in this field, particularly in relation to the Blue Economy in Europe. By offering targeted training, knowledge sharing, and skill development opportunities, we empower individuals across Europe to actively contribute to the sustainable and innovative management of marine areas. Join us as we work towards building a knowledgeable and capable community dedicated to the preservation and responsible use of our precious marine ecosystems. 

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By providing tailored training, mentorship, and networking opportunities, we aim to equip youth, women and students with the necessary skills to thrive in the blue economy

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We recognise the importance of training young people and providing professional growth opportunities for established professionals to help them thrive in the blue economy. We are working to bridge the gap between formal educational requirements and company needs to propel the blue economy forward. 

The SUBMARINER Network is committed to educating and training future aquaculture practitioners and entrepreneurs, including retraining fishermen and offering apprenticeship, vocational, and further education programs in areas such as blue bio entrepreneurship. Beyond education, we promote development opportunities for existing professionals. Through capacity-building initiatives, such as learning labs and mentorship programs, we place a special focus on women, to promote leadership and business development opportunities in the blue economy. 

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Our specialists have put together a collection of publications, additional relevant projects, tools, and resources on the topic of education, youth and women in the blue economy education 

Blue Mission BANOS Roadmap 2030
Roadmap 2030
Eight goals to transform the blue bioeconomy in the region
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Mapping of Projects Contributing to Mission Ocean in the Baltic and North Sea
Focusing on the Western Baltic for the 1st Mission Arena
SUBMARINER Brochure 2024
SUBMARINER Brochure 2023
This brochure presents the SUBMARINER Network
Pact for Skills
Pact for Skills
The Pact for Skills aims to get public and private organisations together and...
Offshore renewable energies card game
Card Game To Discover ORE Job Profiles
FLORES project card game released
Guidelines to Promote Life-Long Learning in Offshore Renewables
Guidelines to Promote Life-Long Learning in Offshore Renewables
The EU-funded project “Forward Looking at the Offshore Renewable Energies” (FLORES)...

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Data is not yet available for all Blue Economy sectors in the EU, nor all regions. However, from the available data, the Blue Economy (BuE) is still a traditionally male-dominated economy in almost all its established and emerging sectors. Women represent only 29% of the overall workforce in the BuE industry and 20% of the workforce of national maritime authorities in Member States. Furthermore, we know that women in the BuE are in the lowest- paid, least-protected, and lowest-status positions, with their contributions being often overlooked or undervalued.

The gathering of the missing data and the need for gender equality to be mainstreamed in appropriate legislation and policy initiatives to promote the creation of more and better employment for women are some of the main goals of the WIN-BIG project ( You can also help the project ensure a gender- equal sustainable BuE in many different ways. Create a free profile on the BlueBioMatch platform, and join our working group to know more:

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