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Executive board

The SUBMARINER Network and its secretariat are supervised and supported by an executive board with decision making power. The executive board is composed of blue experts from the SUBMARINER Network’s members.

Fredrik Gröndahl

President of the Executive Board (KTH)

About Fredrick

Fredrik is the Head of Department for Sustainable Development Environmental Science and Engineering (SEED) at the Royal Institute of Technology, KTH Stockholm, SE. His research is focusing on the sustainable use of marine resources for food, feed, chemicals and energy.

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Angela Schultz-Zehden

Angela Schultz-Zehden

Founding Board Member (s.Pro)

About Angela

Angela Schultz-Zehden (MBA, MSc European Studies) is manager-owner of s.Pro GmbH. She is highly experienced in the development and management of complex international cooperation projects and strategic project pipelines covering the whole spectrum of sustainable development.

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Erik Lohse

Erik Lohse

Founding Board Member (BioCon Valley)

About Erik

Senior Speaker Health Economics // Life Science & Bioeconomy at BioCon Valley GmbH

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Jakub Piotrowicz

Founding Board Member (GMU)

About Jakub

Gdynia Maritime University (GMU)

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Zita Rasuole Gasiunaite

Zita Rasuole Gasiunaite

Founding Board Member (CORPI)

About Zita

Prof. Zita Rasuole Gasiunaite is the head and lead scientist of the laboratory of Marine Ecosystems of Open Access Centre for Marine Research and a professor at the Department of Natural Sciences of Klaipeda University in Lithuania. At the same time she is a professional wildlife photographer and amateur rider.

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Harald Hasler-Sheetal

Harald Hasler-Sheetal

Associate Board Member (SDU)

About Harald

Harald Hasler-Sheetal left a position as research development manager at SDU RIO where he developed large EU projects (for example the ERGO project at Biology) and supported SDU's involvement in the EU-reference groups for climate and bioeconomy.

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Jonne Kotta

Jonne Kotta

Associate Board Member (UTARTU)

About Jonne

Jonne has over 20 years experience as a field and an experimental ecologist working on patterns, dynamic and processes of coastal ecosystems.

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Kristian Spilling

Associate Board Member (SYKE)

About Kristian

Kristian has a PhD from University of Helsinki (2007) and has a formal training in phytoplankton physiology and ecology. He has held the position of Academy of Finland Research Fellow 2012-2017 and holds the position of adjunct professor in marine science at the University of Helsinki since 2010.

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Julia Lange

Julia Lange

Associate Board Member (Uni Kiel)

About Julia

Julia is a manager at the Wissenschaftszentrum Kiel and inspires innovation work at the interface between research and business. She enjoys helping teams become more creative and motivated, which is why she can also be found as a mentor in the accelerator program for marine biotechnology in the Submariner network.

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Anda Ikauniece

Anda Ikauniece

Associate Board Member (LHEI)

About Anda

Anda is involved in several Interreg projects focusing on blue bioeconomy and is an active member of the SUBMARINER network.

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Mari Moren

Associate Board Member (NIVA)

About Mari

Mari is a Director of Research at NIVA - Norwegian Research institute for water and the environment.

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Franziska Farber

Franziska Färber

Associate Board Member (Fraunhofer)

About Franziska

Franziska is a contact person for the Sustainable Ocean Performance Center at Frauhofer IMTE

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