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Through our business support and acceleration activities, we connect businesses to research and support startups in finding the knowledge and resources they need to realise their innovative solutions and sell them on the market. We facilitate the exchange of information, products, and opportunities while fostering collaborative initiatives that promote the sustainable development of blue bioresources. 

Through our accelerator, we offer seed funding, mentoring, networking and knowledge brokerage to startups and SMEs. Furthermore, SUBMARINER hosts a matchmaking platform, BlueBioMatch, for technology searchers and providers to connect, exchange and grow.  On the platform stakeholders can find projects, products, job opportunities, as well as mentorship in the field of the blue bioeconomy.

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Our projects bring together stakeholders to support regional startups and SMEs, to promote an ecosystem conducive to innovation and sustainable growth

Connecting key actors in the blue economy

The sustainable blue economy is a crucial driver to tackle the challenges of our time, including climate change, marine pollution, biodiversity loss and regional revitalisation. The blue economy encompasses many heterogeneous sectors, from shipping to tourism, from blue biotechnology to renewable energy, and many different actors, including local, national and regional authorities, companies, key infrastructure providers (e.g., ports), research institutes and regional innovation clusters.  

SUBMARINER is a key player in connecting different actors along strategic regional sustainable development objectives, aligning policies from the EU to the local level and paving the way for innovators to find a welcoming ecosystem to support their ideas. Through its members and wide-reaching network, SUBMARINER is uniquely positioned to foster innovation, support and represent the interests of innovative solution providers. 

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Our specialists have put together a collection of publications, additional relevant projects, tools, and resources on the topic of business support in the blue economy

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The Blue Bioeconomy has no one definition, but in simplest terms, it is industries which utilise living aquatic resources such as algae, sponges, jellyfish or microorganisms to deliver a wide variety of products, processes and services. It is also defined within the context of sustainable economic growth, social development and food security whilst reducing negative environmental impacts from this sector.

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