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AQUABEST – Suitable Localities for Mussel Farming in the County of Kalmar with Regard to Results from Experimental Farms in 2013

At the request of the Kalmarsund Commission, Naturum Västervik, together with Västervik municipality, has planned and implemented experimental mussel farms in the County of Kalmar.

Using the result of a previous mussel system experiment in 2012 as a basis, a follow-up supplementary mussel farming experiment was planned and implemented in 2013. The objective was to evaluate suitable localities and different substrates for mussel farming in the area. The settlement stations were increased by more substrates and more localities were selected, spread among the Kalmarsund Commission’s member municipalities. The settlement stations consisted of four different substrates, ropes, bands, single nets and double nets. Ropes and bands were repeated twice at each settlement station. In mid-May, 12 of the settlement stations were positioned in selected localities. Following a growth period, May-September, the farms were salvaged and the analysis area was assessed according to the prescribed method. The result showed that the greatest amount of blue mussel fouling occurred in the localities at Hasselö, Dunö and Simpvarp and that the single net and double net substrates had the most abundant blue mussel fouling.

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