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Baltic Blue Biotechnology Alliance

Service Offer Brochure

Blue biotechnology is a sector that has great potential as Europe moves towards a biobased economy. With many industrial applications, the blue biotechnology sector can be tapped for products such as new drugs, biofuels, food and supplements. It also promises to play a key role in the development of ecosystem services related to clean water. This potential is impressive but – to date – remains largely untapped.

One great difficulty in getting blue biotech products market-ready is that not each and every Baltic Sea Region (BSR) country can provide all the resources and expertise necessary to complete the journey from idea to finished product. The Baltic Blue Biotechnology Alliance aims to bridge this gap by providing a fully integrated service offer. This will enable efficient use of and comprehensive access to the whole variety of facilities, (bio-) resources and expertise available within the region and beyond, therefore pooling national capabilities.

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