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Baltic Blue Growth – Advice for the Future Baltic Mussel Farmer

Through the Baltic Blue Growth project and the five mussels farm pilots, different lessons have been learned and are provided in this fact sheet.

Some areas may be unsuited for mussel production due to predation by (eider ducks), rough weather conditions, strong currents, poor settling and/or poor food availability. So, a suitable area is a prerequisite for successful mussel production. Specific substrates and mesh sizes are not key factors in successful production of small mussels. However, the structure of the mussel farm (anchoring, flexibility, buoys etc.) and logistics (having frequent inspections and adjustments of the farm, the farm being easily accessible, and good and flexible transport to and from the farm) related to it, is very important. These factors must be well investigated and planned before any new start-up of mussel production in the Baltic Sea.

Read the full publication here.

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