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Baltic Blue Growth – Business Plan “Kieler Meeresfarm”

Mussel business in the German Baltic Sea – a general overview from a governmental point of view

The development of sustainable marine aquaculture on the Schleswig-Holstein Baltic Sea coast is supported from a political-administrative perspective in the context of the country’s aquaculture strategy. The prerequisite is always the guarantee of the environmental compatibility of these systems. Against the background of the existing excessive pollution of the Baltic Sea with nutrients (eutrophication) special attention has to be paid to this aspect. Mussels, as compensatory organisms, can gain importance in the implementation of the IMTA concept. The desired expansion of the Kiel Marine Farm fits perfectly into this strategic orientation of the country.

Regardless of the development of the Kiel Marine Farm, further investors are welcome, which, with their intention to settle, are guided by the development scheme outlined in the country’s aquaculture strategy. In addition to aspects of environmental compatibility, the comparatively high competition for use in the coastal waters of Schleswig-Holstein should be noted. Therefore, settlement opportunities for large, high-volume units are likely to be limited. Ultimately, however, every plan has to be assessed on a case-by-case basis.

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