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Baltic Blue Growth: Initiating Large Scale Mussel Farming in the Baltic Sea

Mussel farming has been suggested as a new economic activity for the Baltic Sea Region, with several potentially positive effects on environment, nutrient cycling, food security and employment. Small experimental mussel farms have been present in the area for about a decade, and in recent years several new and larger mussel farms have been initiated.

The Baltic Blue Growth (BBG) project has followed most of the currently active mussel farms and studied the farming technology, potential impact on the environment, nutrient uptake, economic factors, usage as feed, maritime spatial planning and regulatory aspects. BBG had the ambition to move a step ahead as to enable the so far mainly experimental mussel farms to continue as viable businesses supported by public as well as private funding in order to take the next step in installing mussel farming as a normal and accepted activity within the Baltic Sea.

The project has produced a large selection of specialized reports, which can all be downloaded from the Submariner Network website. The present document is a summary of these reports.

Read the full publication here.

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