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Baltic Blue Growth – Mussel Farming Costs in the Baltic Sea

This document is prepared by collecting information from different mussel farming areas in the Baltic Sea.

The information on mussel farming costs in the Baltic Sea is based on data from mussel farms,
established within the project ‘Baltic Blue Growth’, except Kumlinge, Finland. Data is obtained based
on interviews with mussel farmers and information is gathered from 6 different mussel farming sites
located in the Baltic Sea:

  • Kumlinge, Aland, Finland
  • Kalmarsound, Västervik, Sweden
  • Kalmarsound, Hagby, Sweden
  • St.Anna, Sweden
  • Kiel, Germany
  • Pavilosta, Latvia.

Mussels in these sites were mostly farmed / grown for scientific purpose, and based on obtained
results it was found out that water transparency around mussel farms has increased.

Mussel farms were created to find out the possibilities of applying different technologies in the Baltic
Sea, as well as to obtain results that would allow the evaluation of the costs of shellfish farming, as
well as to assess changes in the different cost positions, changing location, the purpose of the mussel
farming, technology and conditions.

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