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Blue Bio Clusters

Transforming coastal regions with the sustainable blue economy


Empowering Europe's coastal regions for sustainable, innovative, and resilient blue bioeconomy growth

BlueBioCluster’s mission is to harness the vast potential of Europe’s blue economy, fostering sustainability, innovation, and economic resilience, particularly in coastal regions, contributing to making Europe’s economy fairer, more resilient and more sustainable for future generations. Europe’s blue economy already sustains millions of jobs, especially in regions with limited alternative opportunities. However, these coastal areas are facing multifaceted challenges, including the impacts of climate change, loss of biodiversity, and shifting economic dynamics. It is in this context that the emerging technologies and the expanding “blue bioeconomy” offer a unique opportunity for coastal regions to drive both environmental recovery and economic growth.

Our initiatives aim to showcase circular value chains in the Blue Bioeconomy as role models and inspiration to European coastal communities, provide essential tools for supporting businesses and regions in calculating their contributions to ecosystem services and valorizing them within novel ecologic-driven business models, offer regional blue bio companies access to the technologies they require, stimulate the development of an innovative, inclusive blue bioeconomy in participating regions through personalized support for companies, local co-creation workshops, and transnational bootcamps, and foster blue bioeconomy actions in regional development plans through communities of practices.

36 months | August 2022 – August 2025




Blue Bio Clusters is a consortium of 13 project partners, including SUBMARINER Network’s members.


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