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Blue Bio Techpreneurs

Empowering people into blue biotech careers


Empowering blue biotech entrepreneurs for a sustainable future, bridging skills gaps, inspiring innovators, and nurturing blue careers in Europe

BlueBioTechpreneurs is a dynamic initiative aligned with EMFAF-2023-Blue Careers’ mission to promote collaboration between academia and the private sector, seeking to inspire students, young professionals, and entrepreneurs to explore blue careers, with the ambition of bridging the skills gap within the blue biotech sector.

BlueBioTechpreneurs will develop a comprehensive learning and leadership program focused on the blue biotech sector, exploring its diverse applications within the blue bioeconomy. The project aims to foster interest and knowledge-sharing among industry stakeholders, aspiring professionals, and students. The project also seeks to empower women in the blue biotech sector through targeted activities, including webinars featuring successful women entrepreneurs who will serve as inspiring role models for the next generation. Additionally, BlueBioTechpreneurs will offer a range of training, upskilling, and mentoring activities to enhance careers in the blue bioeconomy across Europe.

Amongst the many activities planned, the project will include the creation of a MOOC (Massive Open Online Course) to promote competencies, knowledge, skills, and attitudes crucial for sustainable blue careers. The project will also organize a webinar series led by inspirational entrepreneurs and mentors, covering topics such as start-up creation, women entrepreneurship, opportunities in EU outermost regions, and sustainable approaches in the blue bio sector. Furthermore, three 3-day hackathons will bring together start-ups, students, and graduates to propose innovative, sustainable solutions addressing blue biotech industry needs. Project alumni will then be invited to join the BlueBioMatch community platform, which works on connecting companies, start-ups, mentors, and job opportunities in the blue bioeconomy.

30 months | September 2023 – February 2026




BlueBioTechPreneurs is a consortium of 5 project partners, including SUBMARINER Network and its members.


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