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BlueInvest Investor Report

Unlocking the Potential of the Blue Economy

This report is an update that complements the first edition of the BlueInvest Investor Report released in 2023, which aimed to provide investors with market knowledge on the EU Blue Economy to support their investment decisions and targeted those actively engaged or interested in new prospects. The previous report offered a first complete understanding of the contours of the EU Blue Economy by providing an overview of the financial flows linked to the EU Blue Economy, and by displaying the results of a survey that was sent to investors asking them about their appetite and challenges regarding Blue Economy investments. Now, in the BlueInvest Report 2024, we delve into the Blue Economy’s sectors, unravelling an in-depth analysis of the deals’ landscape for each sector separately. We also offer an update on the financial landscape and on the key technologies that may shape the EU Blue Economy in the coming years. For optimal understanding and context, we recommend that both reports be read in tandem.

The report features a market study of the same 10 BlueInvest priority sectors as in the first report. In addition, this report includes:

  • an analysis of Blue Economy deals to identify sectors that
    currently receive attention from investors and those that are
  • an update on key technologies shaping the Blue Economy,
    highlighting success stories as use cases; and
  • additional information identified by BlueInvest investors as
    intelligence that would add value to their investment decisionmaking process.

Read the full report here.

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