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Career Guide – Blue Economy Jobs for Young People

The objective of the Blue Generation Project is to inspire and engage these youth between 15 and 29 years to pursue a sustainable career in one of the Blue Economy growth areas: coastal tourism, aquaculture, ocean energy, marine biotechnology, ship building & maintenance, fisheries and maritime transport.

The Blue Generation Project brings together experts from the Blue Economy and youth organisations to
share knowledge about skills needs, career paths, open job positions and existing training.

It will develop the Blue Generation Program that trains youth workers to become knowledgeable promoters and mentors, promotes Blue Career opportunities among youth through promotional activities in high schools, adult education centre, NGOs, unemployment services and local associations and guides interested youth through skills validation, personal mentoring and short exchanges to suitable employment and training in the Blue Economy, produces a MOOC, a Blue Career Guide and a Blue Career Job Platform.

The Blue Generation Project runs over 4 years (from June 2018 to August 2022) and will repeat the Blue Generation Program in 4 cycles to constantly improve and firmly establish it in all partner countries. To facilitate the transferability of the program to other organisations, countries or contexts, the project will develop a BluePrint Guide and organise two International Conferences to inform all interested stakeholders.

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