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 Valorizing industrial algae waste streams into high-value products to foster future sustainable blue biorefineries


Transforming under-exploited algal biomass into high-value feed, food, and cosmetic ingredients with sustainable economic models

Circalgae aims to valorize the massively produced, but at the same time under-exploited algal biomass into high value-added ingredients for the feed, food and cosmetic applications. It is interested in the most relevant macro- and microalgae biomass exploited in a sustainable way (change of cultivation parameters, taking into account seasonality or specificity of the cultivation region in different algae species). By integrating all relevant players and the stakeholders, the project aims to build a viable economic model and propose new products adapted to the market.

Circalgae uses simple and easily scalable extraction techniques. This choice makes it possible to obtain ingredients at an affordable cost. The extraction of ingredients is based on years of experience in large-scale biomass valorization and collaboration with seaweed producers.

Circalgae works with industry players and end-users in the food, feed and cosmetics sectors to validate the health benefits and economic viability of finished products. The technologies and processes developed downstream will be validated at TRL 7-8 to demonstrate the feasibility and sustainability of these technologies for algal by-product biorefineries in the future.

48 months | October 2022 – September 2026


€ 8.507.457,25


Circalgae is a consortium of 21 project partners, including SUBMARINER Network’s members, from nine countries.


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