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Cross Gov

Coherence & compliance in ocean governance for the European green deal


Advancing coherent marine policies for a sustainable European green deal and blue economy

CrossGov’s core objective is to enhance knowledge on how coherence and cross-compliance of marine related policies and legislation affect the ability to realise the European Green Deal and Sustainable Blue Economy, and to co-create proposals and roadmaps for more consistent and integrated approaches towards this end. The analyses and proposals will be conducted in the context of the multilevel governance system encompassing various sectors, composed by global and regional international frameworks, the EU and the European coastal states with their different national arrangements. The project addresses governance in three European marine regions: the North Sea, the Baltic Sea, and the Mediterranean Sea. The core strength of CrossGov is the close collaboration with the policymaking community and the production of co-created knowledge and solutions through innovative, web-based and fit-for purpose roadmaps and methodological guidelines. This will enable policymakers to effectively foster environmentally sustainable law and governance that is fit-for-purpose for delivering the societal transformation called for in the Green Deal.

36 months | September 2022 – Ausgust 2025




Cross Gov is a consortium of 7 project partners, including SUBMARINER Network’s members.


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