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Blue Bio Bootcamp

April 24 at 08:00 17:00

As part of BlueBioClusters, we’re catalysing the growth of the blue bioeconomy across EU coastal regions. This year, we introduce the Blue Bio Bootcamps – a series of one-day dynamic events designed specifically for innovators like you, who are ready to tackle the unique challenges of our industry and propel us into a sustainable future!

Drawing on insights from a comprehensive study conducted by our partners across the Baltic, Nordic, and Atlantic basins, we have pinpointed a range of challenges that startups and SMEs like you face. From navigating market access complexities for your innovative food products to pioneering new technologies for marine biomass, these challenges are a call to action.

The Bootcamps are specifically designed for you who have a business idea that can help solve a regional blue challenge – and need support to grow your business! The Bootcamps are open to entrepreneurs, startups, and SMEs with verified and scalable business ideas and with growth potential. Coastal communities need solutions like yours to achieve a sustainable blue bioeconomy.

The Blue Bio Bootcamps aren’t just events; they’re catalysts for change.

Whether it’s breaking into new markets with your sustainable seafood innovations, finding novel uses for marine by-products, or leading the charge in technological advancements for the blue bioeconomy, these bootcamps are your arena, and your chance to rub shoulders with other startups and SMEs that are working to develop this sector.

During these one-day events you will get the opportunity to meet experts in business, finance, marketing and research from the BlueBioClusters project, along with coaches and mentors that understand the regional challenges and can offer you support in developing your business idea further.


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