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Digital and green transition of small ports in the south Baltic sea region

Interreg SBR project - INCONE60Green kicks off in Poland

All project partners of the INCONE60Green project gathered at Gdynia Maritime University for our kick-off meeting!

🎯Partners met to align our efforts in achieving the project’s vision: creating smarter small ports that harmonize operational efficiency with environmental stewardship ⛴️

Our Polish hosts (GMU – who are also the founding member of the SUBMARINER Network!) ensured everything ran smoothly in Gdańsk 🇵🇱 and even gave us an impressive tour of their new headquarters near the Gdańsk shipyard, where the Martwa Wisła River meets the Baltic Sea 🚢

➡️About the project: INCONE60Green – DIGITAL AND GREEN TRANSITION OF SMALL PORTS is a 3-year long Interreg South Baltic Programme project aimed at transforming small port operations and logistics through the lens of sustainability and cutting-edge technology. This project addresses the pressing need for greener and more efficient port management solutions, ensuring that the logistics sector can meet the demands of a growing global economy while minimizing environmental impact.

➡️Follow our LinkedIn page for the latest updates, and visit our website: to learn more about the project!

A piece of the atmosphere:

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