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Enhancing digital and green transition of small ports in the south Baltic Sea region


INCONE60Green: Digital and green transition of small ports

The INCONE60 Green project addresses disparities in digitalization and development among small seaports in the South Baltic area. Its primary aim is to enhance the competitiveness and operational efficiency of these ports, making them vital nodes on the transport map. A core objective is to identify the digitalization needs of small seaports and develop a universal tool for digitalizing maritime and logistics processes. This tool will be tested in ports such as Vordingborg and Elbląg, with the ultimate goal of creating a versatile IT system—SeaTech—for managing port operations and improving communication among stakeholders. 

The project will also produce SeaWay, an intelligent software for estimating transport-related costs, which will be integrated into the SeaTech system. SeaWay will help ports estimate costs, calculate environmental benefits, and facilitate communication between ports and vessel owners. Additionally, SeaStat, an online database of maritime statistics, will be created to support the development of comprehensive strategies and forecasts for small seaports by providing harmonized, easily accessible data. 

The project involves extensive research into the functionalities and needs of small ports, incorporating environmental, organizational, and technical considerations. By improving digitalization, the project aims to reduce manual labor, enhance efficiency, and stimulate growth. The results will benefit a wide range of stakeholders, including port authorities, carriers, cargo owners, shipping agencies, and local governments, contributing to the socio-economic revitalization of the South Baltic coastal regions. Enhanced digitalization and efficiency in small ports are expected to generate new job opportunities and boost the investment attractiveness of these areas. 

36 months


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INCONE60Green is a consortium of 8 project partners, including SUBMARINER Network and its members, from five countries:


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