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Kiel Marine Science (KMS)

Kiel Marine Science (KMS) – the Centre for Interdisciplinary Marine Science at Kiel University is one of four priority research areas. KMS encompasses research in marine science and geosciences, including expertise from climate research, coastal research, physical chemistry, botany, microbiology, mathematics and computer science, as well as economics, law, social and political sciences. In crosscutting research topics, such as e.g. blue bioeconomy, KMS integrates its expertise to contribute to a better understanding of processes in the ocean and to strategies for the sustainable use and conservation of its resources. Most recently, KMS has established the Center for Ocean and Society to advance its interdisciplinary research to a more transdisciplinary approach with and for societal stakeholders.

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  • Julia Lange
    Coordinator Bioeconomy on Marine Sites
    Phone: +49 431 880-4421 

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