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Assessment framework for successful development of viable ocean multi-use systems


Advancing ocean multi-use systems with open-source tools and collaborative solutions

The MULTI-FRAME project aims to increase the knowledge base and capacity of public and private actors for ocean Multi-Use (MU) systems, by providing concrete open-source tools, assessment results and best practice examples. Common challenges and potential solutions will be explored to ensure credible, insightful outputs with broad utility. Results inform relevant actors and encourage them to systemically consider the concept of multi-use in their marine planning practices and to streamline MU in relevant ocean policies. As part of the project, five multi-use scenarios are developed in areas selected to cover a range of use combinations and marine environments: Sweden, the United States, Mozambique, France, Norway, and Brazil. The co-development approach involves a wide range of public, private, research and community actors to bring MU closer to delivering expected benefits and minimized impacts. The MULTI-FRAME research collaboration is supported by policy frameworks advocating for a more holistic approach to ocean planning.

36 months | June 2020 – June 2023

Belmont Forum, Future Earth and JPI Oceans Call



MSP4BIO is a consortium of 9 project partners, including SUBMARINER Network’s members.


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