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Multi-use in European Seas


Unlocking blue growth: Opportunities and practical solutions for multi-use development in European seas

The aim of the MUSES project (Multi-Use in European Seas) was to explore the opportunities for Multi-Use in European Seas across all EU sea basins. The project was designed to examine the challenges of developing Multi-Uses of ocean space from a number of perspectives and geographic scales, and provide a comprehensive understanding of environmental, spatial, economic and societal benefits of co-location of offshore and near-shore activities.

MUSES built on existing knowledge to explore the real opportunities for Multi-Use in European Seas, including the scope for innovation and Blue Growth potential and to present practical solutions on how to overcome existing barriers and minimize risks associated with Multi-Use development.

Click here for the executive summary and a full version of the MUSES Action Plan. Apart from the Action Plan, the project website also hosts multiple interesting reports showing the results of multi-scale analysis of various types of multi-use, including 10 case studies and sea basin comparison report.

2016 – 2018


€ 1,997,044


Muses was a consortium of 10 project partners, including SUBMARINER Network.


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Ivana Lukic, Team Lead MSP & MPA

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