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Next BlueGeneration Kick-off in Palma, Spain

Next BlueGeneration is on a mission to revitalise the Blue Economy by bridging the gap between industry and education

The Blue Economy faces challenges with an ageing workforce, and we’re here to make a change! Our focus is on empowering the next generation by dispelling misconceptions and showcasing the incredible opportunities in sectors like Nautical Tourism, Maritime Transport, Marine Biotechnology, Aquaculture, and Marine Conservation. To achieve this, we’re rolling out groundbreaking tools:

Interactive Blue Career Pathway Tool: Personalized guidance and self-assessment for students to navigate their career journey.

BlueGeneration Game: An engaging gaming format tailored to young preferences, providing insights into the diverse sectors of the Blue Economy.

MOOC for Teachers: A comprehensive training program empowering educators to guide and inspire students in Blue Careers.

Read more about the Next BlueGeneration project here.

Our strategy? Collaborate, educate, and integrate! By bringing industry experts, educators, and young minds together, we’re creating a sustainable legacy for the Blue Economy.

Stay tuned for updates as we go on this transformative journey:

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