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Preparing the research and innovation core for mission ocean


Leading the charge in mission ocean by pioneering innovations for ocean restoration by 2030

PREP4BLUE stands at the forefront of Mission Ocean, one of the flagship initiatives within Horizon Europe. These missions draw inspiration from the historic Apollo 11 mission, seeking to unite diverse disciplines, policymakers, stakeholders, and citizens, with a common aim of catalyzing large-scale transformations to tackle our world’s most pressing challenges. Mission Ocean, aptly named “Restore our Ocean and Waters,” aspires to rejuvenate our ocean, seas, and waters by 2030, charting a course through two distinct phases, Phase 1 (2021-2025), dedicated to “Development and Piloting”, and Phase 2 (2026-2030), dedicated to “Deployment and Upscaling”.  

PREP4BLUE assumes a dedicated role in the first phase of Mission Ocean, with a mission to pioneer and pilot innovations spanning technological advancements, social engagement strategies, novel business models, and progressive governance approaches, all with an emphasis on the methodologies that will allow co-design and co-implementation of solutions with citizens and stakeholders. Our overarching objectives encompass orchestrating the alignment and harmonization of EC, international, national, and regional initiatives, crafting an evocative and purposeful Mission Narrative while providing innovative physical and virtual Mission Spaces to heighten stakeholder and citizen involvement, cctively fostering citizen and stakeholder participation through a well-organized network of assemblies and finely tuned co-creation methodologies, and lastly, empowering AI-driven knowledge management via the Mission Dashboard, ensuring the swift identification and proficient delivery of high-potential solutions to end-users, thereby bolstering the success of Mission Ocean. 

36 months | June 2022 – June 2025




PREP4BLUE is a consortium of 17 project partners, including SUBMARINER Network’s members, from nine countries.


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