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Seaweed Industry in China │ Innovation Norway China, Jiwu Zhang

Seaweed industry in Norway needs to strategically figure out whether to export cultivated and harvested kelp raw materials to China for alginates and/or food industry, or, to cultivate, harvest and process it into kelp food and/or alginates in Norway first and then export it to China.

China represents world seaweed industry and its development in terms of total cultivated production and
consumption market. Fujian and Shandong provinces contribute 42% and 32% of the total annual cultivated seaweed. Among 7 main popular cultivated seaweed species in China, Kelp (Saccharina (Laminaria Japonica) has been accounting for majority of the total annual production in China, 98% in 1950s and still 68% nearly 1.5 million tons (dried weight) today.

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