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Specification of flagship products and plan market strategy

Seaweed cultivation is the fastest-growing form of aquaculture; however, it is still an underutilized resource.

The main objective of the SeaMark project, for which this paper was written, is to demonstrate how to scale up innovative seaweed cultivation and processing into price-competitive product applications making the entire supply chain attractive for commercial investments. To be competitive, companies need to develop new products to meet consumers’ ever-changing needs and wants. However, product development can be very risky. One way of reducing this risk is to combine new product development efforts with good business models and GTM strategies. An important project goal is to develop go-to-market (GTM) strategies that can serve as a basis for the successful production, sales, and delivery of SeaMark products. This report outlines the initial analysis of the flagship products and opportunities and constraints relating to their GTM strategies. The collated feedback of the initial GTM strategies of the different Seamark flagship product producers forms the basis for a SWOT analysis. This report provides the foundation for understanding the status of the GTM strategies and how these can be developed during this project.

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