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SUBMARINER Roadmap Status Report

Towards a blue-green economy in the Baltic Sea Region

By 2030, biobased innovations and integrated uses of blue-green solutions should have secured the maintenance of the Baltic Sea Region’s natural capital, made marine resources an important part of the region’s smart energy and biomass production, and improved human well-being. Such was the vision set out by the SUBMARINER partners in their 2013 publication SUBMARINER Roadmap, which is the most important reference point for the broad range of actions that the SUBMARINER Network and its members engage in. This status report presents an update on each of the Roadmap’s key issues. All of these issues – organised into eleven strategic action fields that combine thematic and transversal elements – require a joint effort across the Baltic Sea Region in the years to come in order to realise the vision for 2030.

The SUBMARINER Roadmap is in turn based on the findings of the SUBMARINER Compendium , a comprehensive assessment of the potential for innovative and sustainable uses of marine resources for the Baltic Sea Region.

Read the full publication here.

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