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Testing the Offshore Technologies of Tomorrow

UNITED on offshore production of seaweed in the Netherlands

Situated 12 kilometers off the coast of the Hague, the offshore test site of the UNITED project is a 600-hectare laboratory managed by North Sea Farmers. It serves as a dynamic testing ground for cutting-edge technologies in real offshore conditions. Divided into six plots, the site is an open sea canvas accessible to industries and researchers exploring offshore commercial activities.

Two prominent projects led by the Seaweed Company and Oceans of Energy are currently underway. The Seaweed Company is testing seaweed cultivation, exploring integration with offshore wind farming for diverse applications. Simultaneously, Oceans of Energy pioneers the offshore trial of floating solar technologies, seeking to build a business case and identify synergies with seaweed cultivation.

UNITED addresses challenges in offshore production, emphasizing economically viable and technically feasible cultivation methods. The Seaweed Company’s commercial testing is a significant milestone. Looking ahead, the offshore test site is set to trial floating solar energy, contributing to the commercial development of innovative technologies and fostering the expansion of the blue economy in Europe.

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