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Tidal Arts

Transforming and inspiring aquatic landscapes through art and sciences


TIDAL ArtS: TransformIng anD inspiring Aquatic Landscapes through Art and Sciences

TIDAL ArtS will reconcile the dichotomy of human versus nature, tackling the current climate, environmental and biodiversity crisis. To this end, art and science will work in alliance with civil society, citizens, cultural and technological institutions to increase awareness about the challenges faced by the ocean and inland waters and inspire the mobilisation of creative solutions for their protection and restoration. TIDAL ArtS puts forward an interdisciplinary and interspecies approach that involves scientists (as knowledge holders), citizens (as end users and co-creators of the public space), artists and creatives (as those who can look at the current challenges from a unique perspective and engage the public through symbolic and performative work). Our approach challenges the binary thinking that has historically divided nature and culture (as well as humans and non-humans) and engages instead with a tidal logic that nurtures currents of influence between disciplines and species. Taking water as both a subject and a praxis, TIDAL ArtS engages with the cyclical movement of water as a co-design methodology, with several rounds of contact with local citizens, scientists, and cultures in each phase, progressively widening the waves of influence of the project.

September 2024 – August 2027 | 36 months




Tidal ArtS is a consortium of 8 project partners, including SUBMARINER Network (project coordinator), from six countries.


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