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Unlocking the Potential of the Blue Bioeconomy

In this presentation from the University of Gothenburg's Center for Sea and Society Sonja Andrén presents a new project and platform for collaboration, knowledge sharing, and development to boost the sustainable development of the blue bioeconomy sector.


In this talk, Sonja Andrén introduces the work within the project BlueBioClusters that aims at supporting coastal communities across the EU in their transition to a blue bioeconomy. She also introduces a recently launched matchmaking tool, BlueBioMatch, an online community platform where researchers, students, companies, and technology providers within the field can meet and share knowledge and experiences. The talk will also highlight a range of obstacles that blue bio enterprises are facing in amplifying the growth and development of the blue bioeconomy. From navigating the complexities of market access for innovative food products to pioneering new technologies for marine biomass, these challenges are a call to action.


onja Andrén is an innovation and business development leader at Innovatum Science Park. Innovatum Science Park is based in Trollhättan and helps companies, academia and society to meet, collaborate and develop sustainable innovations, primarily in industrial technology. Today, more than 400 companies are involved in Innovatum´s activities, which include test and demo environments, a startup incubator, development projects, various business networks, events, and a community for entrepreneurs.

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Watch the full event here.

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