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Upcoming Event: 2nd EU Blue Parks Community Workshop

The EU Blue Parks Community brings together EU Member States’ national and regional authorities, European marine networks, stakeholders and research and innovation projects. This Community aims to help identify and address challenges, share tools, solutions and good practices, and promote innovative approaches, while enhancing cooperation across the EU sea-basins in order to protect 30% and strictly protect 10% of EU sea areas by 2030.

This year, BLUE4ALL will participate with the presentation: “BLUE4ALL, facilitating the Blue Parks Community”

This workshop, part of the EU Blue Parks Initiative under the EU Mission “Restore our Ocean and Waters by 2030”, aims to foster a comprehensive understanding of the effective management of EU Marine Protected Areas (MPAs), including the crucial coastal zones and the dynamic land-sea interfaces. The workshop will bring together experts and stakeholders to discuss and share insights on the challenges and opportunities in marine and coastal biodiversity protection and restoration. Through presentations, case studies, and interactive discussions, the workshop will highlight key EU funded projects and research innovations in effective marine management, delve into policy development needs, and explore participatory approaches from EU Member States, regional, and local stakeholders.

Why join: Be a part of this insightful event to contribute to and learn from discussions on research and policy developments focused on effectiveness of marine protection across Europe. This is the second event of the series of workshops of the EU Blue Parks Community, and we invite you to become an active member of this Community.

Subsequent workshops will address a variety of themes, from identifying and establishing marine protected areas, increasing their interconnectivity, and improving their effective management, governance and financing.

You can find more information here.

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